Sex, Drugs, and Orgasms

Some of my blogs write themselves.  “Obviously,“ some of you are saying. This is one of them. There is a new strain of cannabis.  For those of you who do not know…..there are many types or “strains” of pot. The different strains help with different things: pain, sleep, anxiety, stress, mood, etc.  I think I can safely say that what you ingest at one person’s house can be completely different at somebody else’s house. Or, whatever…you know what I mean. All pot is not created equally.

There is a strain of pot that is said to have aphrodisiac qualities. Actually… was specifically engineered and grown to make women orgasm.  Who doesn’t need more of those? It is called “Sexxpot.”  Sexxpot.  Think about that for a minute. Hilarious on so many levels.  Whoever named that is a marketing genius.  Actually….a lot of the pot names are funny……but, Sexxpot?  Fucking hilarious is what that is. Who says stoned people are stupid?

I am going to suspend my disbelief about this strain’s abilities and go with it.  Pot that makes you orgasm.  More orgasms? Longer orgasms? Better orgasms?  I do not know. If I smoke (or whatever) it, will I have an orgasm or many? Will I have to have sex for that or is the orgasm spontaneous?  If they are spontaneous….do they just come (haha) at random? I am temporarily without a man…..can I smoke a bowl of this and be “happy?” How many times? Because that would be FANTASTIC……that would change the world! I knew I should have opened a medical marijuana dispensary.

I like that this is only for women…again….good marketing. I have been lamenting for years that everything is for guys. There is Viagra for men…there are no drugs for women to help them out. Which is stupid because stereotypes say “men always want sex” and “women take longer to get ready and aren’t always in the mood.” Really stupid. Until recently all medications were based on men…their symptoms, their physiology, etc. It is only a few years back when they decided that women have different heart attack symptoms than men. Men’s clothes are less expensive, their shoes made better. Don’t even get me started on birth control……  So….something for women that helps them in the sex area…..I love it! And, it is natural and has other benefits. AWESOME!!!!  

It has been a long time since pot was part of my life. Now, it is just something I smell at concerts. Back then…..There is only one person I would have smoked and slept with…..he would get me stoned and then leave. But, I was stoned, I wasn’t sad about it. Time to do some research.

Some people highly recommend smoking any strain and having sex.  They say it is just better, more, better….but, they stop short at claiming they had orgasms or had better orgasms. I asked my one friend who drinks more and does more drugs than any other. You should know that most of my friends stopped doing drugs after college.  Definitely after kids. So, to say she does more…doesn’t mean she is anywhere close to resembling an addict…..a social abuser might be closer to the mark.  We were headed out one night. I said, I have a headache…..she said….take this. What is that?  Molly.  WTF….but I digress.  She says she feels too self conscious when she has sex stoned.  Maybe the paranoia kicks in?  

Mostly though….I love the name. Sexxpot. It might be better than the bar my friend and I talk about opening…..Luscious.  Don’t worry….you will figure that out. If not…you know where to find me.

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