Wheels in my Head

Steeler’s Wheel sings Stuck in the middle….which is an old song from the 70’s?  I am not sure…..something I do know…..Gerry Rafferty (who sang another great song from my youth…..Baker Street) was the lead singer for Steeler’s Wheel. This old song is the theme song to Grace and Frankie…that’s right…I can’t stop writing  about it.   Plus…for years, if you listen to me….I speak not only in rainbows…but in song lyrics.  I thought I was the only one……nope…my 15 year old pit viper does too.  Funny.  I even have a scrapbook of layouts (yes…I am that person, too)  of family pictures with captions as song lyrics…….my divorce layout….It’s Over by Boz Skaggs; pictures of kids in the fall leaves in the yard….All the leaves are brown….” Mamas and Papas…….We’re drinking so much goose, we’re turning into geese..thank you, Hollywood Undead.…..Hanging out with my friends…..This Afternoon by Nickelback (don’t hate)…Lookin’ like another bob Marley day…..Not necessarily the pot thing…but, the wine drinking hanging with my friends thing.

I have been saying “clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right” forfucking ever.  It is just funny.

Spinning Wheel…..what goes up….must come down….spinning wheel, got to go round….such astute wisdom from Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

Frank Zappa and the Mothers…..is a lyric line from a Deep Purple song.  For reasons I will never be able to understand, it occasionally comes out of my mouth…”Frank Zappa and the Mothers”…….and it always comes into my head whenever anyone mentions Frank Zappa or any of his fantastically named children come up.  But, I digress……back to wheel.

Wheel in the Sky……not my favorite journey song….but, it comes to mind.  And…for an amusing moment….check out that video…the clothes are hilarious.

Helen……Helen Wheels….ain’t nobody else gonna know the way she feels”…..I love Band on the Run….one of my favorite albums of all time…..and, Paul looks 22 in that video.

Under my wheels…..Alice Cooper….much different than “Watching the wheels”….which is a line (could be an entire song title…dunno) in a John Lennon song….hmmm…two Beatles.

And….because I have been talking about wheels so much, the word has started to sound strange as it rolls off my tongue….I will leave you with one last thought……

The wheels on the bus go round and round……….


via Daily Prompt: Pink

Pink on the lips of your lover . Interesting.  So many things to say about pink.

Pink…it’s my favorite color…..which is a line I thought was in that Aerosmith song.  Can’t find it in the lyrics now.  But, while on the “Nine Lives” tour….it was their hit.  So…1997 ish?  The concert was great…..got to meet the band. Have a picture with Steven’s arm around me. But…most exciting was watching Tyler do standing backflips on stage while wearing a pink boa.  Even though he tends to bend gender stereotypes….he is pretty cool.  I hated the mix they did with RUN-DMC back in the day…but, it was genius…I acknowledged this back then…….what a way to crossover to new generations at a time when Grunge was stabbing metal and hairbands to death all over the radio.  Also…same thing with American Idol (or whatever music themed show he hosted). I didn’t watch…but, another genius move….keeping that band relevant…no mean feat for a band who has been around since early 70’s.  And, with a song that was @ 20 years old……Rock on Steven Tyler.  I also fell out of lust with Joe Perry that day and fell in love with Steven Tyler…the same way America did on Idol.  But, then there was this.  It makes me sad.

Pink…..the singer/songwriter/performer……I didn’t get her at first….but, now I love her.  “So What” was my divorce anthem.  I now love and listen to her frequently.  She is the epitome of “firecracker” or “pistol”….she runs and owns her own life. I admire that.  Plus….You and Your Hand …..genius. It makes me giggle every time i go to a bar…..

Pink…..fuschia, actually……is the color my hair was @10 years ago…..doesn’t seem like much now…with all the hues out there….but, at the time….just me and musicians…..and, to be honest….I was emolating Gwen Stefani.  It was fun….pink hair….yay!  The stupidest, funniest story about my pink hair was when I was walking through the mall with a friend.  I said to her, “Why is everybody staring at you.”  She looked at me like i was stupid (duh?!) and said….”Um…stupid, they are staring at you….”  Well, I couldn’t see my pink hair…except in the mirror. I got a jolt almost every day for weeks…..and, it was a little difficult to dress….some colors clash and some made me look like an Easter basket. But, I loved it Pink.

My Thoughts on Cake

via Daily Prompt: Cake

I have a LOT to say about cake. But, first you should know that I am not a fan. And…..I do not care if your cake is the “best” cake ever made by anyone for anything. I do not care if you make it from scratch. From your Grandmother’s recipe and she was Betty Crocker’s secret lover and baking assistant. I do not care if it is all organic. Or if it is loaded with things so good for me that one piece could prolong my life. I do not care if it is loaded with all things delicious, but bad: sugar, butter, white flour. I do not care if it is fruit cake (apple or carrot). I don’t care what it is “filled with” or how “moist” it is.  A funny friend once insisted, “But, it isn’t even like cake.” Whatever the fuck that means. Doesn’t matter. I do not like cake. I could go on like a Dr. Seuss book…but, you get the picture.

Before you say, “but, I make the best frosting,” it is not the frosting I object to….although I have thoughts on that, too. Frosting is the least offensive part of the cake for me. I don’t hate it….but,  I could live without it. Most store bought frosting feels like I have just put a spoonful of Vaseline in my mouth. When I was 22 and on my own, a spoon and a can of frosting were my companions once a month…..but now…..yuck. Homemade frosting can be good…..but, once you put it on the cake….ruined and wasted.

“When are you going to go cake tasting for your wedding cake?” I admit, when I first was asked this question, I thought, “I have to do what?” Crap. That is right…..gotta have cake at a wedding. Or, do I?  Well, I was married years ago….that is what you did. And, when I asked around for alternatives…..nobody was on board. Including Mr. First Divorce (there won’t be a 2nd divorce because there won’t be a 2nd wedding…but, thought that was funny way to describe him). So, I compromised….sort of. We had chocolate cake with some sort of “yummy” filling and fudgy, chocolate frosting. I had a bite of it, because you “have” to…..but, it wasn’t “yummy,” I didn’t love it, and didn’t save any for our 1st Anniversary. Of course, that was a “joint decision.” And, a blog post for another day.

I have found some fantastic “alternatives” on occasions where cake is “required.” (And, yes…I am going for the “Most Air Quotes in a Blog Post” Award). Brownies, cookies, ice cream have been combined in different configurations for the “Big Things.” (This air quote thing is fun!). You can definitely put candles on brownie ice cram cake or an ice cream cookie sandwich. If I could re-do my wedding cake….I would have it made out of Oreos. My Future Ex-Husband would have objected to that, too. And, to be fair……our guests would have found it strange, too.

There is one thing I like about cake. Cake is a band from Sacramento. They have been around a while. They have some cool tunes. “Rock and Roll Lifestyle” is the first song I always think of. They are the Cake/cake (I am probably missing an air quote opportunity) I like most  and I am a fan….but, you have probably guessed they are not my “favorite” band.

You know what I am going to say next…..you can have your cake, and you can eat it too.

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But there is Cake here….  Cake