Vibrator, Anyone?

Today at work, we were discussing an episode of Grace & Frankie from Netflix.  I am a fan of the show (as you all know) and Grace (played perfectly by Jane Fonda) was discussing vibrators and how they affect her arthritis. Seriously….if you know anyone associated with the show….let me know. This is an amazingly fantastic idea (sex toys for people with arthritis or other issues) and I want in.  Or at least in the focus group.

Anyway, one of the people I work with mentioned that vibrator use can desensitize your clitoris. What? I replied.  She said it was true, she read an article.  I said, “I completely disagree. Your sex parts (like anything else) atrophy when not used.  When used they become stronger and better. I said that vibrator use actually does the opposite… become even more adept at having better (stronger, longer) orgasms in shorter periods of time….and, then there is that multiple thing.” And, I just made that up on the spot. (everything I write is about sex…spot…really?) I didn’t tell her that, but she did not look convinced. She works with me. She knows I open my mouth and stuff comes out. Doesn’t make it right, good, or even true.

Sounded like a great topic for me to blog about. And, when I blog….I occasionally do research. I googled “do vibrators desensitize.” And, yes….I did it at work.  The IT guys LOVE me!

1st article…. Columbia U and “goaskalice”?  I am not kidding……Go Ask Alice…..according to WIKI (we all know how reliable that is) is a 1971 fiction book about a teenage girl who develops a drug habit at age 15, runs away from home, and eventually dies of a drug overdose.  But, I think we all know the song better….and that is probably where the book title came from anyway……..White Rabbit (Grace Slick was their singer AND….the “Rabbit” is a well known vibrator design…sometimes the universe is a very interesting place. Or…it could be my brain is an interesting place….)

#2 –   This article states, “ Vibrator users also tended to be younger, better educated, and more sexually and ethnically diverse than women who had never used vibrators.” It also agreed with me…..not sure I need to comment more.

#3 – This article did a great job of separating myth from truth…..and it agreed with me too.  

The lone dissentor – really just clarifies. You can read it….but, basically……if you have been “vibing” for an hour……well hell…..your clit is lit….it will need a break….I mean…..c’mon.  Common sense.

White Rabbit? I really can work a song into everything…….I should have written for Rolling Stone…..but, that is another blog.