via Daily Prompt: Pink

Pink on the lips of your lover . Interesting.  So many things to say about pink.

Pink…it’s my favorite color…..which is a line I thought was in that Aerosmith song.  Can’t find it in the lyrics now.  But, while on the “Nine Lives” tour….it was their hit.  So…1997 ish?  The concert was great… to meet the band. Have a picture with Steven’s arm around me. But…most exciting was watching Tyler do standing backflips on stage while wearing a pink boa.  Even though he tends to bend gender stereotypes….he is pretty cool.  I hated the mix they did with RUN-DMC back in the day…but, it was genius…I acknowledged this back then…….what a way to crossover to new generations at a time when Grunge was stabbing metal and hairbands to death all over the radio.  Also…same thing with American Idol (or whatever music themed show he hosted). I didn’t watch…but, another genius move….keeping that band relevant…no mean feat for a band who has been around since early 70’s.  And, with a song that was @ 20 years old……Rock on Steven Tyler.  I also fell out of lust with Joe Perry that day and fell in love with Steven Tyler…the same way America did on Idol.  But, then there was this.  It makes me sad.

Pink…..the singer/songwriter/performer……I didn’t get her at first….but, now I love her.  “So What” was my divorce anthem.  I now love and listen to her frequently.  She is the epitome of “firecracker” or “pistol”….she runs and owns her own life. I admire that.  Plus….You and Your Hand …..genius. It makes me giggle every time i go to a bar…..

Pink…..fuschia, actually……is the color my hair was @10 years ago…..doesn’t seem like much now…with all the hues out there….but, at the time….just me and musicians…..and, to be honest….I was emolating Gwen Stefani.  It was fun….pink hair….yay!  The stupidest, funniest story about my pink hair was when I was walking through the mall with a friend.  I said to her, “Why is everybody staring at you.”  She looked at me like i was stupid (duh?!) and said….”Um…stupid, they are staring at you….”  Well, I couldn’t see my pink hair…except in the mirror. I got a jolt almost every day for weeks…..and, it was a little difficult to dress….some colors clash and some made me look like an Easter basket. But, I loved it Pink.

Dream On

I like dreaming. Awake or asleep…I like dreaming.  I used to have a recurring dream about this scary, scary bridge……it was very long…went for miles and it was straight up….couldn’t see the other part of the bridge…..because you know…a dream.  Every time I had the dream, I would look at this bridge from the bottom. I would see spaces in the concrete where you could see under.  It was a million miles down to the ocean. The bridge went up for miles and on for miles. (Stay with me…..I am going somewhere….) It scared me shitless to think about going “over” it.  I would sweat and panic.

In the dream, I always had to stop to prepare. Tell myself I had been over it before, lots of people were doing it…..get over the fear…blah, blah. For a long time I gave myself a hard time about the fear…in the dream. I mean if I could be “anything” in my own dream…why am I a fraidy cat?  I realized today that I have not had that dream in quite some time.  It has been a long time since my life was in chaos and required big girl panties. I drew the connection between my chaotic life and the bridge and stress.  So obvious.   

While I was remembering, something occurred to me….even in the dream I crossed that bridge.  I stopped. Waited. Looked for other ways. Talked myself into it.  Took a deep breath and did it.  It scared me to pieces every time. But, I did it. Each and every time, I grew some courage and I did it. Looking back, that is how I calmed the scary chaos that was my life too…..I just did it.

I don’t need a degree in dream interpretation to explain that to anyone.  However, I am looking at the dream in a different way now. I wasn’t full of fear.  I was courageous and strong. In the dream, there was the ocean and beach under the bridge. As opposed to lava, scary monsters….you get the idea. The beach is my favorite place.  Even in my terrifying dream…I gave myself a soft place to fall….the beach.

We are stronger than we realize. We have courage we are unaware of. We can do anything we want.

I still dream about the beach and the beach house I am going to buy. They are beautiful. No bridges. 

Other songs about dreaming that I like: 1956 (did they make music back then?) 1970 (one of my favorite groups) 1973 (I have a photo of me and Steven Tyler) 1975 1977 1983 1985. I could do more….but, you are already bored.