One-Eyed Doll

A long time ago I discussed that I may have missed my life calling…I should have been writing about music a million years ago. (I discovered another missed opportunity last night) some of you would argue that I write about music all of the time.  Well…I finally found a “band” worth spending an entire blog on.

When I first heard the name….you know what I pictured….yes you do.  Something with one eye that you play with.  A toy for a boy or girl. Fun for a boy or a girl. But, One-Eyed Doll is a 2 people band…..Kimberly Freeman…singer/guitar player and Jason Rufuss Sewell….snare drummer.  No bass player….some would argue this is not a band.  Many more would say this is definitely not a metal band. Some would say this is a folk group……hahahaha.  Everybody is right and everybody is wrong…..we can debate any day if you are buying. I have been around and interested in music for a long damn time. I have white hair, remember?  But this band… will not believe.

Before you click this link…..please promise me that you will at least watch the first 90 seconds……it is worth it.  Just be patient and resist the urge to skip…you impatient fucks. Okay….it was me…I wanted to skip through some of it. But then…I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I just wanna watch her play guitar and wear those striped tights and whip her hair…and, no…no girl crush here….but, she is so visually compelling that you won’t be able to tear your eyes off of her. I know I couldn’t.

If you haven’t already…..check out:  CommittedAfflicted and…..You’re a Vampire…”it’s decorative”….is a funny little line from that song….listen for it.

Honestly…..Everything about this band is compelling.  You can’t see everything for long enough (ok…maybe that is just me)  and while you are trying to watch… can’t believe what you are hearing…metal guitar….banjo…..good solid music, percussion that doesn’t get in the way, great lyrics…she is twisted and scary in a completely hilarious and fun and yes, disturbing way. And, she can sing.  There is so much going on….I wanted to watch in silence.  Then, listen in darkness.  I wanted to absorb all of it. 

Do yourself a favor and check them out……if they come to your town.  And if not…check these videos out.  You may not love it…but, you will have a hard time looking away….. And, at the very least……you can show it to people.  Anyone under 20 will be impressed.  I know how we all live for that…….

Wheels in my Head

Steeler’s Wheel sings Stuck in the middle….which is an old song from the 70’s?  I am not sure…..something I do know…..Gerry Rafferty (who sang another great song from my youth…..Baker Street) was the lead singer for Steeler’s Wheel. This old song is the theme song to Grace and Frankie…that’s right…I can’t stop writing  about it.   Plus…for years, if you listen to me….I speak not only in rainbows…but in song lyrics.  I thought I was the only one……nope…my 15 year old pit viper does too.  Funny.  I even have a scrapbook of layouts (yes…I am that person, too)  of family pictures with captions as song lyrics…….my divorce layout….It’s Over by Boz Skaggs; pictures of kids in the fall leaves in the yard….All the leaves are brown….” Mamas and Papas…….We’re drinking so much goose, we’re turning into geese..thank you, Hollywood Undead.…..Hanging out with my friends…..This Afternoon by Nickelback (don’t hate)…Lookin’ like another bob Marley day…..Not necessarily the pot thing…but, the wine drinking hanging with my friends thing.

I have been saying “clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right” forfucking ever.  It is just funny.

Spinning Wheel…..what goes up….must come down….spinning wheel, got to go round….such astute wisdom from Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

Frank Zappa and the Mothers… a lyric line from a Deep Purple song.  For reasons I will never be able to understand, it occasionally comes out of my mouth…”Frank Zappa and the Mothers”…….and it always comes into my head whenever anyone mentions Frank Zappa or any of his fantastically named children come up.  But, I digress……back to wheel.

Wheel in the Sky……not my favorite journey song….but, it comes to mind.  And…for an amusing moment….check out that video…the clothes are hilarious.

Helen……Helen Wheels….ain’t nobody else gonna know the way she feels”…..I love Band on the Run….one of my favorite albums of all time…..and, Paul looks 22 in that video.

Under my wheels…..Alice Cooper….much different than “Watching the wheels”….which is a line (could be an entire song title…dunno) in a John Lennon song….hmmm…two Beatles.

And….because I have been talking about wheels so much, the word has started to sound strange as it rolls off my tongue….I will leave you with one last thought……

The wheels on the bus go round and round……….

That 70’s Music

Okay…time to lighten up on my blog.  My silly thoughts on some silly songs from the 70’s.

My girl, is obsessed with the 70’s.  The music, mostly.  Feels like she was born in the wrong era….who could blame her? Born in the 60’s…high school and college in the 80s?  I had the best musical childhood EVER.  I have been playing “who sings this song” with my kids since they were little.  

A few years back, when the kids were tiny, we spent a week with family and friends in a beach mansion.  It was fantastic.  The boys (and my X) spent many hours in the basement playing Guitar Hero. My kids continued to play once home (as did the X).  At some point, we were driving down the road and an Aerosmith song came on.  I asked “who sings this song?” and my son answered (and so happy and proud he knew the answer)…he punched his fists towards the roof of the car and yelled out. “Guitar Hero!”…..well, he wasn’t wrong.

Anyway….I was not about to spend my kids childhood listening to radio disney or some other such nonsense.  I am still mad about the PMRC, no edited versions for me.  Well, I gotta admit, some songs coming out of my kids mouths were ridiculous…..I could write many blogs about that…but, think Godsmack, Kid Rock, Hollywood Undead, Sublime.  You get the picture.

I have taught my kids all about all the great bands, musicians, guitarists, vocalists, etc….from old school country to current metal. I want them to have a broad taste in music and appreciate as much as they can. And, I am just the one to teach them.  And, it works both ways…they play stuff for me…and, then I know what they are listening to. The other day I thought it was time to introduce her to the ridiculousness of the 70’s….and, because Playground in My Mind has been stuck in my head for days (IKR? WTH?) …..when I searched for it on apple music (and, yes, why pay for something I can get for free…but, really….I am saving money not buying all the music I want to listen to.  Yes…I know there are free apps…but, no commercials and apple music has EVERY song!  I don’t buy coffee, get weekly manicures, or color my hair anymore…sue me).

“Why stop there?”, I thought….So, I popped out “Billy Don’t be a Hero” and “Run, Joey, Run” (do yourself a favor and watch/listen to that one….! Why those two songs? I think they were on the same K-tel record…I miss those things…well, they do still have them in other forms, but I digress. Then, I played “Shannon” for her…..Then, “My Ding-a-Ling”. I couldn’t stop….. “Heartbeat, It’s a Lovebeat” and all the other boy bands of that era: Donny Osmond, The Osmonds, The Jackson 5, David Cassidy, his little brother, Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett and the Brothers Gibb (Bee Gees for the young folk)..including youngest brother, Andy. I was on a roll.

I think the worst of this whole thing…I sang these songs at the top of my lungs while I wore out my K-tel record. I can still sing almost every word..and I did. Much to the girl’s amusement (and irritation…she is 15 after all). These songs were bad. I should be embarrassed that I even know them.  As ridic as they are….I still love them.  LAME.  Better go listen to some Metallica.  I played all those dumb bubble-gum songs (I had forgotten that description—it just surfaced) She found them ridiculous and hysterical.  Well, I did too…I mean who wouldn’t?  They don’t stand the test of time.  But, they remind us of how music and radio has evolved.  

We lost Gregg Allman not too long ago.  I figure I have written enough about musicians dying. But, a tiny little memory crept into my head…..remember when Duane (Gregg’s brother) died in a bike crash in 1971?  I do, because my older sisters were worried that Wayne Osmond was the one who died. And, even at my very young age….it didn’t make sense….and Osmond on a motorcycle?  Anyway…..there was some confusion back in the day. Took a while to get sorted out for the fans.  That wouldn’t happen today….not only music and radio have changed….but the way we get our news as well.  

My brain works in ridiculous ways……

Thanks James Corden!

George Michael inspired Carpool Karaoke with James Corden? Fantastic!  I guess I am still writing about the musical losses in 2016. I just finished reading this article where the late night funny man and “driver” of mini car concerts writes about his love for George Michael and tells how George inspired his Carpool Karaoke.  I have been enjoying those videos. They remind me of the Bohemian Rhapsody scene in Wayne’s World….this is one of the best movie music scenes ever….it is truly iconic….I see it in my head whenever I hear the song. If you have not seen it, check it out on YouTube.

I love this. I love that he shared it and that he was able to share with George how impactful his music was to him. Truth is……we almost never know in what ways and to what lengths we influence other people. Or, have an influence on their lives. Many years ago, my dad used to plan these huge month-long trips to a tropical place.  He would reserve a bunch of rooms using RCI benefits and invite friends and family. There was always a “family” week…..where my sibs and close family friends descended for a week of fun and relaxation. The trips were fantastic….and, very loosely organized. We tried to have one big dinner with everyone during the week. Dad would always make a toast thanking everyone for coming because “we don’t know who will be here next year”.  And, he was right. Over the years we lost some people.  I think my dad’s influence made me change my ways. I vowed from that time forward that if someone impacted me in a positive way (especially if it was “change my life” impact)…..I would let them know.  Thank them for how they impacted me.

Truth is, I don’t think we can ever measure the impact people and places can have on our lives. And, music… universal, so individual. Music is the thread by which my life is stitched together……before drugs, alcohol, sex, exercise or anything else….when I need to celebrate or grieve….music is the first thing I think of to get me through.  Sad?  Play “I’ve Got a Feeling”  or “Spreading the Disease” Queensryche or “Boys are Back in Town”  by Thin Lizzy. While these might not seem like “happy” songs…..they sure make me smile.

What songs make me happy? Hard to pinpoint. There are songs that just make me bounce. Songs I associate with people or events that make me happy.  I could come up with a playlist for just about any mood or feel. And, I have. A blog for another day.

Music isn’t my “best friend”….but, it is my constant companion. Styx helped me through the angst of middle school. AC/DC, Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Golden Earring, and Joe Jackson got me through high school. Motley Crue, GNR, and live rock bars got me through college. Matchbox 20 and No Doubt….baby years. Pink, Metallica now….I could go on and on……but, I will spare you.

Many of us are influenced/impacted by the music in our lives.  Some more than others.  I love that James Corden celebrates music, his love for musicians and their impact on his life.

Thanks, James!