via Daily Prompt: Pink

Pink on the lips of your lover . Interesting.  So many things to say about pink.

Pink…it’s my favorite color…..which is a line I thought was in that Aerosmith song.  Can’t find it in the lyrics now.  But, while on the “Nine Lives” tour….it was their hit.  So…1997 ish?  The concert was great… to meet the band. Have a picture with Steven’s arm around me. But…most exciting was watching Tyler do standing backflips on stage while wearing a pink boa.  Even though he tends to bend gender stereotypes….he is pretty cool.  I hated the mix they did with RUN-DMC back in the day…but, it was genius…I acknowledged this back then…….what a way to crossover to new generations at a time when Grunge was stabbing metal and hairbands to death all over the radio.  Also…same thing with American Idol (or whatever music themed show he hosted). I didn’t watch…but, another genius move….keeping that band relevant…no mean feat for a band who has been around since early 70’s.  And, with a song that was @ 20 years old……Rock on Steven Tyler.  I also fell out of lust with Joe Perry that day and fell in love with Steven Tyler…the same way America did on Idol.  But, then there was this.  It makes me sad.

Pink…..the singer/songwriter/performer……I didn’t get her at first….but, now I love her.  “So What” was my divorce anthem.  I now love and listen to her frequently.  She is the epitome of “firecracker” or “pistol”….she runs and owns her own life. I admire that.  Plus….You and Your Hand …..genius. It makes me giggle every time i go to a bar…..

Pink…..fuschia, actually……is the color my hair was @10 years ago…..doesn’t seem like much now…with all the hues out there….but, at the time….just me and musicians…..and, to be honest….I was emolating Gwen Stefani.  It was fun….pink hair….yay!  The stupidest, funniest story about my pink hair was when I was walking through the mall with a friend.  I said to her, “Why is everybody staring at you.”  She looked at me like i was stupid (duh?!) and said….”Um…stupid, they are staring at you….”  Well, I couldn’t see my pink hair…except in the mirror. I got a jolt almost every day for weeks…..and, it was a little difficult to dress….some colors clash and some made me look like an Easter basket. But, I loved it Pink.

Bush is Following Me

As I type this title, I laugh to myself… erotic book author is writing about a Band named Bush.   Of course, it is 2017 – nobody has a bush anymore. Still amusing. Titles for this blog could have been: “There is a Bush on my Tail.” “Bush Follows Porn Author” “Porn Author followed by Bush everywhere she goes.” “If a Bush was going to follow you, what would it look like?” Jenna? W? Barbara?

I am constantly working on my writing.  I tell people I am “working on my book.”  They don’t really want the details, I figure. One friend finally replied….”when are you going to fucking finish that thing?” Haha. To be clear……writing the books is the fastest part. Editing takes about 800 times that long (or more).  The promoting, researching, reading, networking, and  learning….that is the real time consuming part.

I have been building my following on several media platforms…..Twitter being one of them.  I am having the best time….following people. Seeing what people do…..what they tweet. Who they are.  This has all been new…..and not everyone needs twitter…but, as a promotions tool, might be as good as any.

Twitter, like any good social media platform, is based on the premise that people want to be popular. You want followers….lots and lots of followers. You build your twitter following by following others, tweeting and retweeting things your followers have tweeted.  It is not complicated…but, it is a timesuck.  So, it is particularly fun when someone follows you that you have actually heard of…and you do not already follow them…..basically, they are asking to be your friend before you ask them…..for those who did not hang out in the popular crowd….super coolness…..

My first “celebrity” was a fellow erotica author who I have read. Find her here. That was pretty cool.  I bought and read her book and followed her on twitter. And now she was following me. I know that is how it works…but, it was still cool.  Then next was Mr Zog’s sex wax.  I had actually heard of them.  I had a few hundred followers and they had over 10K.  I was pretty excited about that.  That was fun.  I know what their products do and have used them….tweeting about Mr Zog’s and knowing the double takes those tweets will get, fun for me.  

But, today…..TODAY…..BUSH followed me……Bush…the band…..231k followers.  Two hundred and thirty one thousand followers!  I still have less than 2000.  I am so thrilled. So excited.  I feel so important……Not only have I heard of them, I have listened to them. I admit, I was going to boycott them because of the whole “cheating on Gwen thing”….but, then this happened.  Bummer. Sorry, Gwen. I can be a slut…I write porn after all. She won’t even miss me.  

Okay….maybe not “important”…but, legitimized…there is a better word, I can’t find it. Either way, it is fun and a little thrilling. And, no, I am certainly not finding my value in my followers.  Fun is always good so…what to do?  What do I tweet….what do I say? $231K.

The new single they are promoting is “Mad Love”…..funny…..I could use that name for my Hard Compliance series……maybe my characters can use it in the background…I will have to listen.  Maybe I will listen to it while editing the next book?

Incidentally, I just read that Kanye is no longer following “The Donald” on twitter…….hmmmm.  So much to say about that……