One-Eyed Doll

A long time ago I discussed that I may have missed my life calling…I should have been writing about music a million years ago. (I discovered another missed opportunity last night) some of you would argue that I write about music all of the time.  Well…I finally found a “band” worth spending an entire blog on.

When I first heard the name….you know what I pictured….yes you do.  Something with one eye that you play with.  A toy for a boy or girl. Fun for a boy or a girl. But, One-Eyed Doll is a 2 people band…..Kimberly Freeman…singer/guitar player and Jason Rufuss Sewell….snare drummer.  No bass player….some would argue this is not a band.  Many more would say this is definitely not a metal band. Some would say this is a folk group……hahahaha.  Everybody is right and everybody is wrong…..we can debate any day if you are buying. I have been around and interested in music for a long damn time. I have white hair, remember?  But this band… will not believe.

Before you click this link…..please promise me that you will at least watch the first 90 seconds……it is worth it.  Just be patient and resist the urge to skip…you impatient fucks. Okay….it was me…I wanted to skip through some of it. But then…I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I just wanna watch her play guitar and wear those striped tights and whip her hair…and, no…no girl crush here….but, she is so visually compelling that you won’t be able to tear your eyes off of her. I know I couldn’t.

If you haven’t already…..check out:  CommittedAfflicted and…..You’re a Vampire…”it’s decorative”….is a funny little line from that song….listen for it.

Honestly…..Everything about this band is compelling.  You can’t see everything for long enough (ok…maybe that is just me)  and while you are trying to watch… can’t believe what you are hearing…metal guitar….banjo…..good solid music, percussion that doesn’t get in the way, great lyrics…she is twisted and scary in a completely hilarious and fun and yes, disturbing way. And, she can sing.  There is so much going on….I wanted to watch in silence.  Then, listen in darkness.  I wanted to absorb all of it. 

Do yourself a favor and check them out……if they come to your town.  And if not…check these videos out.  You may not love it…but, you will have a hard time looking away….. And, at the very least……you can show it to people.  Anyone under 20 will be impressed.  I know how we all live for that…….

2 thoughts on “One-Eyed Doll”

  1. Okay, so I cannot deny for 80% of the video I had the eyebrows crinkling in and the “WTF” thoughts. But I listened to you to not forward any of the video and actually in a weird way did like this band. Very unique, dark, great costumes, and musical talent. Hey, I know what this is about. You’re preparing for your inner TC writer to come out! Love it!

  2. That’s a riot! Her costumes were incredible. I think my favorite line was the one ‘If not for the voices I’d be just like you’ or something to that defect. Her voice in the first one kind of reminded me of the song “Secret” ‘Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead’. My daughter and I used to sing that so I had to send her these links.

    Great find. 😀

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