Chip This…..

Almost every day I read or see something that makes me think…RUFKM?  But, this…this takes it….

A company is “chipping” their employees instead of providing badges for entry and for payment.  I will admit when I was pregnant with #1 and on bedrest….I considered it…for the baby……we do it so we can find our dogs, right?  If our kids were chipped, we could find them immediately if something went wrong…I am still not convinced this is a bad idea….at least until they are 18. Well…..…..there were lots of kidnappings then….plus….pregnancy hormones.

But, to put a chip in my body for my employer so they can keep track of me? RUFKM?  That chip will allow them to see where I am and probably what I am doing every second of every day.  I am no longer living in my parents home…..nobody has a right to that information.  Ever.  I’m not saying that I don’t tell my kids, sig other where I will be when I am out…but, that is courteous and informational.  And, on a generalized level.  My courtesy does not extend to a detailed list of where I went and what I did. I would never allow this to happen to me.  Chip this.…..

I know it is already happening….FB, photos, cell phones, computers and everything else.  But, you know what…..I can leave my phone and take a drive and nobody gets to know where I am or what I am doing.  If enough people have these chips….they will even know who I am with.

I understand that these are “voluntary” according to the company…..but, what does that mean?  When I worked for company A… donating to the United Way was “optional”…but, they sure reminded everyone at every chance they got. Dressing nice is “optional” where I work……but, it is doubtful you will get promoted if you were jeans and Birkenstocks every day.  I think you can see where I am going with this.

Why? Oh, why? Would anyone ever consent to having a chip put in their body for “tracking purposes?”  I almost don’t have words.

Is this because I am old and have become like my dad?…..he used to say all the time how everything was basically a communist or governmental  plot to separate him from his money.  I used to just roll my eyes and vow to be different when I got old.  But, now, maybe because of the wisdom that supposedly comes with wrinkles…..I see things differently than before. I mean…really?  A chip? In an adult? Implanted by their employer?  And, I panicked when I received a laptop and cell phone when i started this job…I didn’t want to be “tethered” or “leashed”…….

Oh, God…now I feel like Andy Rooney…….

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  1. I agree. No one’s business where I go when I’m not at work. I quit one job where my boss watched me on her pc at home and I was at work! Nope.

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