Blinded by Stupidity

I love reading the news…..because I can read the headline over and over if it is ridiculous and because of some of the stories that get printed.  And then I can rant. Check this one out:


This is an article about how emergency room visits were up after the eclipse last week because some people sprayed sunblock in their eyes to “protect” them before they looked at the eclipse. I don’t know if this is funny or sad or some strange combination of both. So, let me lay the story out for you……because, over the years…people have become too stupid to get out of the sun…we have developed sunblock…all kinds…spray on, roll on, rub on, wipe on. And because that wasn’t enough….we had to add the SPF so people would be protected and, know how long to spend in the sun.  Then, we had to add instructions because….well…I don’t fucking know why…..because people are stupid? I would be willing to bet that all of these things exist because of laws or legislation that has passed.  Will somebody sue, resulting in more stupid directions on the back of the can? One day, will I have to show my identification or sign a form to purchase something as simple as sunblock? 

If you don’t know when to get out of the sun, how can you know how much and how to apply sunscreen?  You probably are unable to read. Every summer….there is lots of coverage on TV and print…get new sunscreen…it expires…put on before you go out in the sun……blah blah. So many reminders on how to use sunscreen. And, now…this.  

Many articles were posted about how to save yourself from the peril that was the eclipse. I received several emails and voice messages from my kids’ schools about how they were going to protect my kids and their eyesight. It was overkill, if you ask me.  Tell the kids to not look (they will). Keep the kids inside (those that want to see will do it anyway).

And…then….this……people put sunscreen on their eyes to help look at the sun during the eclipse.  I never one time heard this as advice.  Never.  So…now, I wonder….is my laughter inappropriate….probably…but, c’mon people…..on what planet does anyone think they can spray anything into their eyes as protection from the sun?  This is what sunglasses are for, dumbasses.  If you spray sunblock in your eyes to protect them during the eclipse…you probably deserve whatever happens.  Survival of the fittest, friend.  And you, friend, are not gonna make it.  Your last words are probably going to be, “hold my beer and watch this…”

I am tired of my life being legislated.  Okay.  I am really only angry about one thing…the helmet law. In California.  For adults. That one is my own private Idaho. (Are you da ho? Or am I da ho?) But, I agree that we don’t need laws to tell us how to stay alive.  If we are not smart enough to do that for ourselves…..we need to be part of the herd that gets thinned.  

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