About Bianca Ahonen

Bianca Ahonen is a middle aged-ish divorced mom, business professional and fan of books. She is bold, humorous and passionate about life. Bianca always knew she wanted to be a writer but never had a story.

Having taken many English and literary courses through high school and college, she learned the value of the written word but was still unsure what to write. For years she lived her life –   working, having a family and creating a home. When that took a shit, Bianca was forced to start again. Bianca found herself thinking about the past and about writing to pass the time.

Having her borrowed laptop perched on her knees at night on the couch, she found the desire to create overwhelming. With a glass of red wine (who are we kidding…..there is never just one glass of wine….) and some rambling thoughts, Bianca emerged as an up-and-coming erotica author.

Bianca, being quietly reserved and a Catholic school girl growing up, she finally found a side she didn’t know existed. Thinking about her crush of twenty years and their recent reconnection, she typed away on the laptop keyboard, her secret desires came all over the screen.

The beginning of the Hard Compliance series shocked the writer and unleashed something else completely. She had touched on things and covered entirely new territory creating her characters to be the “every woman” or “every couple”. Bianca chose to write her books void of description of her characters so that every woman and every couple could read her work and put themselves onto the pages, no matter their age, physical description, personality or place in life.

Bianca writes with aspiration hoping she can help singles and couples escape the busy hustle-and-bustle of life to find their ultimate fantasies fulfilled nightly in the bedroom, the family room, outdoor patio…..or wherever the mood strikes.

Hard Compliance is to be released in a series of multiple books. The first installation is of Eric and Carrie and their current day. Subsequent editions will go back in time and into the future.

Bianca hopes her explicit, vivid imagery erotic eBooks lead readers to feel a sensual escape, empowerment and possibly finding a secret desire or two.

You can reach Bianca at Biancaahonen@gmail.com

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