About Bianca Ahonen

Bianca Ahonen is a middle aged-ish divorced mom, business professional, and fan of books. She is bold, humorous and passionate about life. Bianca always knew she wanted to be a writer but never had a story.

After many wine soaked nights discussing relationships, men, and sex with friends, an idea began to form. What would happen if you were able to reconnect with the one that got away? Or what if you happened to find your “soulmate”?

The beginning of the Hard Compliance series shocked the writer and unleashed something else completely. Hard Compliance is to be released in a series of multiple books. The first installation is of Eric and Carrie and their current day. Subsequent editions will go back in time and into the future.

Bianca continues to blog about things that are interesting to her. Usually not politics. She is motivated by her experiences and her musings about those experiences. For someone who couldn’t find a story, she had so many to tell.

You can reach Bianca at Biancaahonen@gmail.com and https://biancaahonen.wordpress.com/